Comments from our previous concerts are below.

6th July 2019

"Thanks again, Jem, for last night’s concert. Two beautiful pieces and, in my opinion for what it’s worth, all the better having contrasting sections. But also, hearing an unfamiliar piece in the Gounod. 
Yet again, a pleasant evening for all concerned. A great service to the community."

Audience member


"Thanks Jem - another very enjoyable concert."

Orchestra member


19th January 2019

"Just to say thanks so much again for having me back yesterday. It was wonderful to play the Beethoven with you and the orchestra. I really enjoyed it!
Thank you very much again and let’s stay in touch. Hope your next concerts go well." 

Sophie Rosa - soloist


7th July 2018

"That was a lovely concert, thank you so much. We really do appreciate all you do!"

Audience member


"Thank you to you and Cat for all the work over the season."

"Thanks Jem I really enjoyed it."

"I thought it went very well. It was fun to play, even with the high-speed Mozart finale!"

Orchestra members


21st April 2018

"That was just right!"

Audience member


20th January 2018

"Hi Jem, I forgot to congratulate you on yet another very successful concert on Saturday. Not only do you provide a focus for all your worthy performers but also a very comely social occasion enabled by the provision of acceptable liquid refreshments. Your programme was again very agreeable and the playing really quite beautiful. On another point it was really good to see the younger element in the audience... We look forward to the next instalment with the Barnby Choir. Thanks."

Audience member


"Really enjoyed the last Mozart and Schubert concert. Excellent playing, acoustics, attentive audience and a glass of wine in the interval. What's not to like!"

Audience member


"A pleasure to play, as always."

"Thanks Jem, I really enjoyed playing with you all."
"It was a good gig, Jem. Well done you."

Orchestra members


30th September 2017

"Jem, thanks again for last night. The best and most sympathetic accompaniment I've ever had the privilege to play with. I really enjoyed the performance"

Kevin O'Sullivan, soloist


"Another great concert. Incredible performance of beautiful music. Very enjoyable, with the added benefit of providing a pleasant social occasion."

Audience member


"Dear Jem, Once again, well done. Very positive comments from friends in the audience. It was great."

"Hi Jem, Thanks for a fabulously fun concert yesterday!"

Orchestra members


1st July 2017

"Another great success, Jem. From my very elementary perspective, I really appreciate the balance and sensitivity of your playing, coupled with really good cohesion and brio, if that’s the right word. Whatever, it went down well with me and everybody else as far as I could tell. Your obvious enjoyment amongst yourselves was surely contributory. Thanks for your hard work."

Audience member


"Well done you, you did fab last night in both your concertos...and I was really impressed by the Reichenauer."

Audience member


"Very enjoyable and well played all."
"Thanks.  And well done. It's wonderful to be able to share uplifting music making with such talented people"

"Hi Jem,

Thank you for organizing and playing such a leading role in the concert. It was great.

A friend coming for the first time (and a player of chamber music) was most impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the evening."

"I thought it was a great concert and really enjoyed it."

Orchestra members

25th March 2017

A letter received from an audience member after this concert

"Hi Jem,

I thought I would drop you a line about Musica Nova. I have been interested in classical music for years, but Musica Nova has provided a unique insight into the music, and music making.

It is the only orchestra without a conductor I have been to, which is interesting. This of course means that the players are more alert and have to be aware of what is happening around them, and work as a team, resulting in a rare clarity of performance. This is particularly noticeable in pieces with which I am familiar. I have heard Beethoven Symphonies many times, but in your performances, I hear small details I have never noticed before – parts that often get lost in larger orchestras.

That you get on well as a team is highlighted when you have a ‘wobble’. In some orchestras, this results in glares all round: in Musica Nova, the situation is often recovered with grins between players.

In summary, a Musica Nova concert is a musical treat. Keep up the good work."


21st January 2017 - 5th anniversary concert

"Dear Jem,

Thanks again for a great concert last weekend. I enjoyed working with Musica Nova a lot and it was a wonderful experience to play with you all."
Sophie Rosa, soloist

"Fab, fab concert!"


"Another fantastic performance, Jem. You must have been very pleased with your audience and their obvious enjoyment. The soloist was quite stunning but also the Haydn was equally merited. You are justly proud of your endeavours. Quite an achievement requiring no mean effort. Thanks for an enjoyable evening."


"Just a note to say a big "Thank you" for the concert. It was brilliant!"

Audience members


"Thank you and happy anniversary to Musica Nova. Been so amazing to be part of it"

Orchestra member


1st October 2016

"Jem, thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable concert on Saturday...I presume others took as much pleasure away with them as I did and that you feel your endeavours are truly appreciated." Audience member


"Loved it" Orchestra member


25th June 2016

"Another very successful concert- beautiful music, expertly delivered. We are well blessed." Audience member


19th March 2016

"Well done, Jem. Another great concert."


"It was very enjoyable. Thank you and well done you! I thought Emma and Anna did exceptionally well too. I loved getting to know the music and am still listening to the Vivaldi and Leigh - especially slow movement!"


"As ever, loved it." Audience members


16th January 2016

"Thanks so much for last night! It was an absolute dream for me and please pass on my thanks to everyone...it was a total luxury to have the orchestra behind us. Ace symphony too!" Laurie Dempsey, soloist


"We continue to benefit from your endeavours. Last night's Mozart was beautiful. The soloists in the Sinfonia blended perfectly. Your strenuous efforts are much appreciated."

Audience member


"Thanks Jem - congratulations on your performance, the sinfonia was beautiful."

"Beautiful playing." Orchestra members


3rd October 2015

"Another great concert last night. Quite inspirational. The varied programme ensured freshness but the dynamics and phrasing testified to the quality of the performance. No mean feat. You must feel that all your sterling efforts were rewarded and appreciated. Thanks." Audience member


27th June 2015

"The Shostakovich was amazing,  we are very lucky to have such a high standard of playing locally" Audience member


"Hi Jem, Thanks for a fab concert on Saturday - really enjoyed it." Audience member


"Hi Jem, Many thanks for all your hard work last night, it was a glorious end to the season" Orchestra member


21st March 2015

"Jem, Another great success last night. It was beautiful music, a varied programme (Zelenka) and of a very impressive standard. Thoroughly enjoyable. I hope you feel your extremely hard work is appreciated to inspire you to continuing with your efforts! We locals don’t know how lucky we are to hear live classical music handed on a plate. Thanks." Audience member


"thanks again for the concert on Saturday"

Chris Orton, soloist


17th January 2015

"Great music last night. What a priviledge to have it delivered to your own door-step. Many thanks."

Audience member


4th October 2014

"Please could you pass on to the orchestra my thanks...I absolutely loved playing last night. I've done this piece with a semi pro orchestra, an amateur orchestra, and a University orchestra, and Musica Nova last night was by far the best orchestra!
Also well done to you Jem, I know that can't have been an easy job but you did it with such knowledge, understanding and poise!"

Rachael Drury - Soloist


"I really enjoyed seeing and hearing Musica Nova last night."

Audience member


17th May 2014

"The quality of skill and musicianship is very high and it was a pleasure to work with a great group of people and your good self.... the programme (and the future ones I saw) are wonderful and everyone should be proud of the quality of playing and musicianship. I really enjoyed taking part."

Steve Smith - Organist


"I found Musica Nova completely fascinating and also impressive...it's a very special thing and I would be very interested to keep in touch with it as it evolves - it's a real testament to your skill and dedication and vision that it's so good!"

Audience member


8th March 2014

"Great night last night, really enjoyed it" Alex Kane - soloist


"What a wonderful evening, you all evidently love the music!" Audience member


11th January 2014

"Hi Jem, 
What a brilliant night last night & thank you so much for inviting me to play – what a great band you all are! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great to have a good chat over a pint afterwards."         
Gareth Brown - soloist                                                                                         
"We think your concerts are terrific and thank you for making them so accessible and enjoyable. A very good public service!" Audience member




28th September 2013

"Wow!" - Audience member.
"Many thanks again for the super concert last night." - Audience member
"Not many, if any, churches have the honour of having a piece of music composed in their honour and we are so grateful to you....it was absolutely wonderful and beautifully performed, thank you so much everyone.

The day that Musica Nova walked into the life of All Saints' was a very happy day indeed...it is just so wonderful to be able to open our church for people to come and listen to this beautiful music. To have in our community, on the doorstep for many people here, music of such high quality, it really is wonderful thank you so much indeed."

Rev. Janet Bacon, Vicar of All Saints' Church, speaking after the premiere of '1863: A Tone Poem' composed by Simon Wood for the 150th Anniversary of the church.


18th May 2013 

"Had such a great time last night, thanks everyone! Already looking forward to the next gig!" Erica Buurman - soloist


"Delighted that we can hear such high quality music on our doorstep" Audience member


"Your Hebrides Overture was better than some professional performances I've heard!" Audience member


9th March 2013 

"Hi Jem- Thanks for a great, great experience with the orchestra. You're on to something really good there- a wonderful atmosphere and a fantastic standard" Ken Woods - soloist


12th January 2013 

"It was a real pleasure playing with you guys. Some really great playing." Chris Orton - soloist

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